Educational and educational-methodical works of the faculty

60840100 - " Veterinary Medicine (by type of activity)”,
The state educational standard of the developed field of “Veterinary” was first of all examined by representatives of the DTM under the Cabinet of Ministers. Then 1st year students of the rector of the Institute dated 30.06.2022,
2nd year students are approved by the order of the rector of the Institute dated 27.08.2021, 3rd year students № 418 of UZR Oomtv on August 14, 2020, and 4th year on August 25, 2018 No. 744, developed MT and model curriculum is being developed for undergraduate education areas and used in the educational process.
On the basis of modern achievements of science, it is required to educate individuals who can independently think and reflect, as well as to create a new generation of educational literature in the training of competitive, highly qualified personnel. Extensive work is being carried out by the faculty's professors on the preparation of new textbooks, teaching aids, educational and methodological instructions, their printing, providing literature on the subjects taught in educational areas.
The following scientific laboratories operate at the faculty:
1. Laboratory of pathomorphology
2. Laboratory of Hematology
3. Laboratory of Pharmacology and toxicology.
4. Inter-department “Opta-tech” laboratory
5. Vivaria, aquarium room
The degree of provision of literature in the direction of education available at the faculty was studied, and the level of provision for subjects in the curriculum for its analysis is from 90 to 100 percent.