Youth Union

The aims and objectives of the youth union
  The Youth Union of Uzbekistan is a non-profit non-governmental organization formed by individuals and is in its organizational and legal form a union that brings together the youth of Uzbekistan with the aim of forming a physically healthy, spiritually mature and intellectually developed and free-thinking young generation; protecting youth from external threats and the negative influence of "mass culture"; providing comprehensive support in protecting the legal and legitimate interests of young people and creating favourable conditions for them.
The Union's main aim is to involve young people in taking an active part in the deepening of the democratic, political and economic reforms taking place in Uzbekistan, in strengthening peace and harmony in society, in making their contribution to Uzbekistan's entry into the list of developed countries of the world, and also in ensuring effective protection of the rights, legitimate interests and freedoms of the younger generation, improving the spiritual and professional culture of young men and women and supporting the realization of their intellectual and creative potential.
Main tasks of Union:
to participate in the formation of a harmoniously developed, free-thinking youth with a clear attitude and firm convictions capable of taking a worthy place in society and participating in the development of the country, who can become a decisive force and support in the processes of renewal; enhance their legal literacy and awareness of the law
-to educate young people, in particular unorganised young people, in the spirit of spirituality and morality and military patriotism, to instil in them an awareness of historical memory, national pride and self-awareness, a sense of involvement in current events, and respect for national and universal values
to protect the rights and lawful interests of young persons, support their aspirations to master modern professions and encourage them to become entrepreneurs
to support talented young men and women, create conditions for them to realize their creative and intellectual abilities, and involve them in scientific activities
to shape and instil in young people, particularly unorganised young people, the concepts of healthy lifestyles and an environmental culture, and actively encourage regular physical exercise and sporting activities
to protect youth, especially unorganized youth, from the influence of religious extremist and destructive organizations, from the negative impacts and threats introduced from outside under the mask of "mass culture", to work among youth on the prevention of offences and crimes, to assist in preventing them from committing them.
Legal and natural entities may become members of the Union on the basis of the provision set out in the Statutes. Specifically, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and stateless natural persons permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who have expressed a desire to support the objectives of the Union, who have reached the age of 14, but are not older than 30 years, may become members of the Union.
  Among others, non-governmental non-profit organisations in the youth sector, enterprises, institutions and organisations of the youth sector, as well as other legal entities whose founding documents are not in conflict with the aims, objectives and programme documents of the Statutes of the Union may join as members to the Union.
The governing bodies of the Union are:
Central Council;
Executive Committee of the Central Council;
Central Control and Audit Commission.
The Union's structure includes:
The central office of the Union;
Regional structures of the Union;
Local structures of the Union;
The primary organisations of the Union;
Enterprises, organisations and institutions under the Union, including the media.
  In addition, there are “Kamalak” chapters under the Union and its subdivisions that operate in the children's area. These are part of the Union and its individual units.
History of the youth union
  In accordance with the decision of the fourth congress of the Kamolot Youth Public Movement of Uzbekistan, held on 30 June 2017, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan was established. June 30, the day on which the Youth Union of Uzbekistan was established, was declared "Youth Day" in our country.