Rajabov Navruzbek Azimjonovich

Reception days: Har kuni  15:00-17:00

Phone number: (66)-234-10-73 


Functions and activities of department:
- Recruitment, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with labour legislation, regulations, local regulations of the Institute and orders of the Rector of the Institute.
- Organizing, in accordance with the Labour Codex of the Republic of Uzbekistan, work to fill the positions of scientific and pedagogical workers (including monitoring the terms of termination of employment contracts, announcement of tenders, preparation of orders, conclusion of employment contracts, additional agreements based on the results of elections, tenders);
- receiving, filling in, storing and providing employment cards;
- The execution and issuance of certificates to employees regarding their employment relations with the Institute;
- Control over employees' compliance with labour discipline and internal labour regulations at the Institute's departments;
- Providing social guarantees to employees, namely established benefits and compensations;
- Structuring holiday schedules, recording the use of holidays by employees, drawing up regular holidays in accordance with approved schedules and at the request of employees, drawing up additional and training holidays;
- Collection of primary documents to provide employees of the Institute with local, departmental, institute awards, distinctions and other forms of incentives, filling in the necessary documents, their timely provision to authorized bodies and receipt of award documents;
- Provision of reporting information on the personnel structure of the Institute, for all categories of employees;
- Preparing personnel files for transfer to the Institute's archives;
- The Personnel Department also performs other functions necessary for implementation of the requirements of the labour legislation at the Institute.