Spiritual and educational work of the faculty

At the Faculty of Biotechnology of the Samarkand State University of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology, a systemic organization of spiritual and educational and moral and educational activities is carried out, a meaningful organization of leisure for students, their wide involvement in amateur art, culture, art, physical education, mass sports and recreational activities, the formation of students' skills in the use of information technology, the promotion of reading among young people, as part of the 5th important initiative to increase the employment of women, the following creative clubs and circles operate:
The first initiative is aimed at increasing the interest of young people in music, painting, literature, theater and other arts as part of identifying their talents.:
Club “funny and resourceful”;
- Club "Student Theater Studio";
- Circle "young craftsmen";
- Circle “magic of color”;
The second initiative is within the framework of creating the necessary conditions for the physical hardening of young people, the manifestation of their abilities in the sports field:
- Club "Sport";
The third initiative is the organization of the effective use of computer technologies and the Internet among the population and youth:
- Circle "Computer Experts"
The fourth initiative is within the framework of organizing systematic work to improve the spirituality of young people, to widely disseminate reading among them:
- “Intellectual club of connoisseurs”;
- Circle “delight”;
- Club "debate";
- Circle "oratory";
Fifth Initiative - Women's Employment:
- Circle "Skillful hands";
- Circle "Cooking";
- Circle of cutting and sewing;
- "The Art of Carvin