Scientific - research works of the faculty

F/x “Swordbek poet” in the kashkadarya regional Book district, veterinary Scientific Research Institute, Pasdargom District of Samarkand region “VSS Sattor bobo” f/x, Payarik District of Samarkand region “Ochilov Mahmudzhan field” f/x, Samarkand district “Kurban pet” f/x, Kamashi District of Kashkadarya region “Babur Murodalievich KHK”, Shakhrisabz District of Kashkadarya region “Kokhna kesh fountain” LLC, Kashkadarya region book District pallandara Petro LLC, zhomboy district of Samarkand region “gulnora agro place” F/X, Akdarya district of Samarkand region “Tarnov sabzovotlar” f/x, Scientific research work is being carried out on the basis of a contract with “Munisakhon Nuri future” LLC, “Kurban chorvo” F/x, Boysun District of Surkhandarya region “Normurodov chori chobogon” f/x, “Obiokombinat” LLC, Lowdargom District of Samarkand region,
Currently, 9 (DSc), 15 (PhD), 14 base doctoral students, 15 independent applicants (PhD)are operating in our faculty.
Our faculty operates 6 scientific circles. A total of 400 students are engaged in scientific research work in the circle.
International relations and international scientific cooperation are well established at the faculty. Today, our faculty has established scientific cooperation with the Italian University of Pisa, the Sang-Petersburg State Veterinary Academy and the Vitebsk State Veterinary Medicine academies.
Scientific research is being carried out on the basis of cooperation agreements with 16 enterprises corresponding to the specialization of the faculty.