Scientific - research works of the faculty

The Faculty of Biotechnology is currently actively collaborating in scientific research with the vitro laboratory "Sadovnik", the Veterinary Research Institute, with UZBIOKOMBIONT LLC, with Integral DD LLC M.J., the Samarkand pharmaceutical pharmacy department "Dori Darmon", the Samarkand regional department of ecology and environmental protection, forestry departments of the Samarkand region.
Currently, the faculty has 3 professors (DSCs), 11 associate professors (PhD), 3 assistants (PhD), 4 researchers (senior lecturers), 7 independent researchers (PhD). There are 3 scientific circles at our faculty. In total, 287 students are engaged in research work in the circle.
The faculty has well-established international relations and international scientific cooperation. Scientific cooperation has been established with the All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, with the All-Russian company "BION-NAVO" located in Moscow, with the State Order of Honor of the Vitebsk Academy of Veterinary Medicine.
Scientific research is carried out on the basis of cooperation agreements with about 10 organizations corresponding to the specialization of the faculty.